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Carla Kuhn

Panther Academy is often referred to as the “Happy Place”, and the staff takes great pride in this nickname.  Parents have coined this term, “happy” because they think there is a “magical” quality in the environment.    Our philosophy is to ensure all students have a very successful first year in their formal education and love learning in a fun safe atmosphere.  The early years can bring enough anxiety since it is a child’s first experience away from home, so we go the extra mile at Panther Academy.   We provide a small school setting for only preschool and kindergarten students equipped with all little furniture, chairs, desks, sinks, toilets, etc.  We close our doors a little earlier than the rest of our EIS schools because we know that developmentally this is appropriate for these young ones.

We have a lot of great things happening every day here that make it such a great place to be for students.  First of all, we develop a strong enthusiasm for reading here and talk about reading books on a daily basis.  Reading is the heart of our curriculum, followed by math and writing.  Science and social studies are intertwined with reading, writing, and math, so that students make connections and retain the learning in an authentic style that mimics a real world setting.  Social skills are taught constantly throughout the day beginning with the morning meeting in which a “Character Word” is taught daily.  All teachers include lots of art, music, and physical education in their daily schedules as well. 

A few more very special highlights at Panther Academy are not only the friendly and talented staff, but the high school students that come and mentor/tutor the students on a daily basis.  Also, the Watch D.O.G. (Dads of Great Students) a nationally recognized program is implemented and has been a smash hit with the students.  We also have a lot of meaningful family nights throughout the year such as Spirit Night, Multicultural Night, and many more.  Our students also partner with ATRIA Assisted Living which helps them respect and empathize with our elderly and their needs.    We feel that Panther Academy has a little bit of everything for all students and we are very proud of our school climate!  In fact, when we have a new student to start school here, we pull out the Panther Cub Welcome Wagon and give them a special ride to class!   We welcome appointments for tours and conversation about our school to anyone in the community.  We also invite community members to volunteer at Panther Academy anytime.  You will see quality Customer Service at its best here at Panther Academy! 

Thank you!



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