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Student Services

The Elizabethtown Independent Schools take great pride in "building on a tradition of excellence" that encompasses all aspects of our students' learning and environment.


Student Services assists students, their families, and the schools in reducing barriers in obtaining a well-rounded education by encouraging consistent and punctual attendance, emphasizing respect for self and others, and advocating the ideals necessary for being a productive member of society. Click here for Board Policy 09.123 regarding Absences and Truancy.

EIS Attendance Procedures FAQ

To better understand Truancy Procedures, click here.

Educational Enhancement Opportunity (EHO)

A student may be allowed up to ten days of exempt absences per school year in order to participate in an Educational Enhancement Opportunity. A written request by the parent and student must be submitted to the principal and the principal must approve the request prior to the dates of absence. The proposed activity must be educational, of significant educational value, and composed of an intensive program related to the core curriculum. Please click here for the EHO policy and request form.


Student Services aides the individual schools in overseeing all state and federal guidelines are adhered to in relationship to student and employee health requirements. Whether it is Bloodborne Pathogen Training for employees or maintaining accurate, up-to-date student health records, every measure is taken to provide the healthiest learning environment possible for our staff and students.

Each year, selected staff members are trained by a qualified health professional in the proper administration and recording of medication. Each school also has on staff personnel trained in proper First Aid procedures including CPR.

Enrollment Requirements and Forms

Residency - To enroll in the Elizabethtown Independent School District, a student must either reside in the Elizabethtown School District boundaries* or pay a tuition fee to attend. Refer to Board Policy 09.12. If you do not reside in the Elizabethtown School District and wish to attend our schools, please contact the Superintendent Secretary for further information. * See Map. Please note that our district is denoted on the map by the white areas. The AcrobatReader zoom feature allows close-up views of the district streets. A listing of the streets within the district is also available on the Transportation page. When in doubt, please call our office at 270-769-6146.

Age - Beginning with the 2017/2018 school year, a child who becomes 5 on or before August 1 may enter primary school; a child who becomes 6 on or before August 1 shall attend public school unless he/she qualifies for an exemption as provided by law. Compulsory attendance laws are in effect though age 18. Refer to Board Policy 09.122 for more detailed information.

KY Immunization Certificate – All students are required to have on file in the school office an up-to-date KY Immunization Certificate. If enrolling from out-of-state, the out-of-state certificate can be taken to the Hardin County Health Department (580 Westport Rd, 270-765-6196) for transcription onto a KY certificate form. This can also be completed by your local Kentucky physician.

State Certified Birth Certificate – as proof of age and legal name, please submit to the school of enrollment your child's state certified birth certificate. The school will make a copy to keep on file.  Other documents as proof of age and legal name are also acceptable (such as a passport, legal documents, etc.).

For students in grades 9 – 12, a copy of the student’s social security card is necessary for eligibility to receive KEES Scholarship funds. The SSN is kept private and secure.


Preventative Health Care Exam - "702 KAR 1:160 requires each child first entering Kentucky public school or entering Grade 6 to present a Kentucky Preventative Health Care Examination Form. This exam may be completed up to one year prior to initial entry." First-time enrollees include, but are not limited to Preschool, Kindergarten, out-of-state transfer students, and private school transfer students.

Dental Screening for Initial Entry Students - Kentucky law, KRS 156.160(i), requires proof of a dental screening or examination by a dentist, dental hygienist, physician, registered nurse, advanced registered nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. This evidence shall be presented to the school no later than January 1 of the first year that a five (5) or six (6) year old is enrolled in public school.

Eye Exam for Initial Entry Students - KRS 156.160 (1) (g) requires proof of a vision examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. This evidence shall be submitted to the school no later than January 1 of the first year that a three (3), four (4), five (5) or six (6) year old child is enrolled in public school, public preschool, or Head Start program.

Request for Birth Certificate - Please contact the Office of Vital Statistics located in the capital of the state of birth for your child to submit an order for a state-certified birth certificate.


Travis Gay, Director of Student Services