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Last Updated: 3/21/2020 11:21 PM

Reunification Procedures 

Reunification is the process which protects both the safety of your student and provides for an accountable change of custody from the school to a recognized custodial parent or guardian. 

In the event a situation results in the evacuation of one of our schools, we want our families to know we have procedures in place to respond to the situation. If an occurrence necessitates the evacuation of our students from their school to another safe location, we have designated buildings throughout the city which will house students and allow us to implement a controlled release of students. 

As soon as it is safe to do so, the location of evacuated students will be shared via our communication channels and the Reunification process will begin.  Please do not show up at your child's school as that will create an unsafe situation for all involved. 

The safety of your child is extremely important to us, which necessitates the controlled release of all students. Please be aware, this process will take a long time. Take a moment to read over the following checklist as we will work diligently to unite your student with you as quickly as possible.

Checklist for Parents/Guardians: 

Do Not come to your child's school.  Please make your way to the reunification site in a safe and calm manner.

Bring your ID. There will be a short form for you to fill out for each child you are retrieving. School personnel will verify who is allowed to pick up the child and compare that information to a photo ID.

Parents should be prepared to wait in line and be patient. In order to ensure the safety of all our students, it may take a long period of time to check out each student and we ask for your patience in advance.  It is imperative that records be checked and each student is released to the correct guardian.

Accountability: Understand that you will only be allowed to take the children if you are listed in their emergency contacts.

Remain calm.  Help us reunite every student with their appropriate parent or guardian in a safe, orderly manner. 

Line up, following the designated signage. During check-in, identification is confirmed and student information is verified. 

Complete Reunification Card.  Fill out all parts of the attached student reunification card to be presented to staff.  The card will be used by staff and runners to retrieve your student and bring him or her to a designated area for you to be reunited. 

Communication: Additional information will be provided as it is obtained.  All channels of communication, if available, will be used, including one-call now, social media updates to the district’s website, and our Facebook page, along with radio and tv announcements. 

District employees will try to answer your questions.  Please look for persons wearing bright colored vests who will be close by and available to offer assistance. 

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